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Episode #172: Bustering out of the Break

Giants Brewers Baseball

San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey hits a grand slam during the 10th inning of a baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers Friday, July 12, 2019, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

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The Giants have won 9 of 11 and lead MLB in homeruns for the month of July with 22. You read that right. They lead the league in homeruns this month. Did this team find their true identity, or is this just a phase like a cranky teenager going through a growth spurt? Eric and Chad talk about the series win in Milwaukee and recorded this during the Giants’ 19-2 demolition of the Rockies in the first game of their day-night doubleheader today.

To the surprise of everyone, the Giants are one of the hottest teams in the league. All the more surprising is the fact that they are winning on the strength of their offense. The team is 9-2 in its last 11 while averaging 8.5 runs per game. Suddenly, they’re just 4 games back of a playoff spot. At 750/1 to win the NL Pennant, there would be value betting on the Giants to squeak into the playoffs and make a run. However, Farhan Zaidi is still likely to sell at the deadline, so bettors wouldn’t actually be wagering on this Giants team; they’d be wagering on a team that may be without the likes of Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith. The guys at Sports Betting Dime think there is value betting on the Giants to squeak into the playoffs and make a run.




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Episode #111: The Turnaround?


The majestic Pence beard has awoken from its slumber. (photo: Darin Wallentine/Getty Images)

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Hey, the Giants have won 4 out of their last 5 and turned a 1-4 roadtrip into a 5-5 with great starting pitching and Hunter Pence playing like frickin’ Hunter Pence, wildly flailing appendages, hair and all!

The Giants still have a slim shot at the division and hold a lead on a wild card spot. Chad and Eric talk about their chances, Santiago Casilla, and if Bochy has developed dementia all in episode 111.

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Episode 83: Fat Cats

One of these two hit their first MLB homerun tonight (Photo: Tom Duffy)

Yes. That is Matt Duffy (on the left, of course) chilling with his 40 pound cat Skeeter while playing Call of Duty. We thought you’d need a smile before diving into this autopsy of the Giants’ first 10 games of the season.

You can download episode 83 here, or stream it below!

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2015-04-15T22_34_40-07_00.mp3]

Welcome to our first regular season podcast of the 2015. Hopefully it won’t be the last. We’ve been a fortunate group of guys able to podcast about 3 World Series championships, watch from the press box and interview players, but the first week of the season feels like the Houston Astros. Despite winning three of their first four, the Giants are in a tailspin with a current 6-game losing streak. Their bats have not just gone cold, they are stored in liquid nitrogen. They are a whopping 5 for 47 with runners in scoring position. They can get runners on buy the truckload, they just can’t deliver them home.

Eric and Chad talk about the frustrating start to the season, throw around ideas on how to fix it, discuss Heston’s place in the rotation, get peaved at Peavy, and at one point, bask in the glow of the home opener and Bum on a horse.

It can’t get any worse, can it?

– Chad will be in the press box at AT&T on Saturday night to cover the ring ceremony and game versus Arizona. Be sure to follow @TortureCast on Twitter for copious updates and pictures of endless coffee.

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Episode 70: George Kontos


Meet Mr. Kontos. He wears number 70, never shaves, and enjoys everything Chicago.

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[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-09-08T23_54_32-07_00.mp3]

Ben and Chad round up the last week that saw Buster Posey win the NL player of the week (.565!!) and Madison Bumgarner earned NL pitcher of the month for August, yet his monthly ERA (1.97) was actually higher than Kershaw’s ERA for the year. Yeah, we know who’s winning the Cy Young, and maybe even MVP. The Giants had a rough few days in Colorado, but bounced back nicely in Detroit, but because the Dodgers aren’t cooling off, they find themselves 3.5 games back after pulling to within 1.5 earlier in the week.

The good news is that the Giants have a 3.5 game lead in the wild card, they still have 6 games yet to play against the Dodgers, and Buster Posey found his spinach. We also talk Belt’s possible return, Morse’s injury, and how Panik and Susac are exceeding all expectations so far.

Join us for the recorded stream, a stream while we recorded on the internetz. Don’t forget, we now stream all of our podcasts LIVE on YouTube around 9:30 pm PDT every Monday. We will also have clubhouse access this Wednesday and Saturday, so we’ll be sure to take our anti-anxiety medication before we ask Hunter Pence how fluffy his shower towel is.

Episode 70 on YouTube:


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Episode 49: The Javier Lopez Episode

I’m not entirely sure why Javier Lopez is applying sunscreen in a SF Giants media photo shoot…but I can’t look away….

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Yeah, we missed a show, but they went 1-6 that week and would’ve had to have recorded the show on Zoloft. So, we skipped it. This week was a little better….

Oh, and by the way, Chad will be covering the A’s-Giants game on Thursday, 5/30 (12:45pm) from the press box, so be sure to tune in for sober tweets during the game.

Talking Points

  • Giants have been scuffling. Now in second place, 1 back of AZ
  • Last year, after 51 games, Giants were 27-24, 5.5 GB of LAD, 1 game back of what they are now: 28-23
  • Discuss my Uncle’s memorial game
  • Giants have gone 5-8 since our last show…

The Week in Review

  • Injuries: Broken pinkie for Vogelsong, out 6-8 weeks
  • Injuries: Casilla out with leg surgery to remove a cyst from his tibia. Expected to return after the ASG
  • Rosario sent down to AAA to make room for Kickham’s start tomorrow
  • Pagan’s inside the park homer walk off

The Big Question

  • Is Kickham the right choice to replace Vogelsong?

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Willie: @djp4cal: “Booing Posey is like booing America.”
  • Chad: ‏@williedills: “Memorial game for my uncle. Asked for it an he came through! #knbrfan @ AT&T Park http://instagram.com/p/Zygo6WpK-b/”
  • Ben: @Sfgiants (tweet from #AskBelt)

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Chad: Flannery: looked like he was going to score with Pagan
  • Willie: Buster Posey

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie: Whoever invented the A’s/Giants hat 
  • Chad: Alfonso Marquez

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad: Because AZ and COL can’t sustain this 
  • Willie: Our pitching can’t stay this bad. This is not reality


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