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Episode 70: George Kontos


Meet Mr. Kontos. He wears number 70, never shaves, and enjoys everything Chicago.

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Ben and Chad round up the last week that saw Buster Posey win the NL player of the week (.565!!) and Madison Bumgarner earned NL pitcher of the month for August, yet his monthly ERA (1.97) was actually higher than Kershaw’s ERA for the year. Yeah, we know who’s winning the Cy Young, and maybe even MVP. The Giants had a rough few days in Colorado, but bounced back nicely in Detroit, but because the Dodgers aren’t cooling off, they find themselves 3.5 games back after pulling to within 1.5 earlier in the week.

The good news is that the Giants have a 3.5 game lead in the wild card, they still have 6 games yet to play against the Dodgers, and Buster Posey found his spinach. We also talk Belt’s possible return, Morse’s injury, and how Panik and Susac are exceeding all expectations so far.

Join us for the recorded stream, a stream while we recorded on the internetz. Don’t forget, we now stream all of our podcasts LIVE on YouTube around 9:30 pm PDT every Monday. We will also have clubhouse access this Wednesday and Saturday, so we’ll be sure to take our anti-anxiety medication before we ask Hunter Pence how fluffy his shower towel is.

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Press Box Bonusode 53.1

Location, location, location

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Willie, Ben and Chad sauntered over to Zeke’s following last night’s 4-2 victory over the Brewers at AT&T Park to record yet another “bonusode!” Joining us again were Jen and Ally as we once again lose any sense of decorum and control as we descend into the depths of despair of the Giants’ mediocrity. But, damn, it was fun.

Also, at about the same time the first pitch of last night’s game was being delivered, I sat down with Marty Lurie for a 20 minute interview. It was thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining, and you do not need to be a Giants fan to enjoy his dulcet tones and vast baseball knowledge.


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