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Even Years may be Odd


San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner is helped off the field after getting hit by a batted ball during the third inning of the team’s spring training baseball game against the Kansas City Royals in Scottsdale, Ariz., Friday, March 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

The second half of 2016 was horrid, but the Giants limped into the playoffs, and were one bullpen collapse in the 9th inning short of forcing a game 5 in the NLDS.

2017 was an odd year, so nothing was expected, except the unexpected happened. The Giants lost 98 games after losing Madison Bumgarner to a freak, yet, completely preventable motorbike accident on an off day in Colorado. Match that with under-performing players, other injuries, and a bullpen that couldn’t plug any dyke in the world, and you come up with the second worst season in SF history. But, I think I speak for all of us when MadBum went down…there was a collective “oh shit,” and I’m sure the team felt it, too. I’m sure there was an emotional tsunami that cost the team a few games.

But…this offseason the Giants addressed many issues, including third base (Evan Longoria), outfield (Andrew McCutchen and Austin Jackson), bullpen (Tony Watson, Will Smith coming back from TJ), and with promising performances from young bullpen guys and Chris Stratton this spring, and with the prospect of MadBum having a full healthy season, things were positive, dare I say…confident. Yes, this team exuded confidence, in defiance to last year’s supposed outlier.

Then, two days ago, Jeff Samardzija was shut down. Yesterday we learned that he has a right pectoral muscle strain, and will be out 4-6 weeks. Although bad news, at least it wasn’t a shoulder injury, and maybe this injury could explain his drop in velocity this spring, along with the neck-jerking frequency of homeruns he was giving up.


It’s not an off day in Colorado, but it WAS the LAST start of the spring for Madison Bumgarner.



Ah…the cruel baseball gods dipped Whit Merrifield into the cauldron of odd-year-bullshit, and firmly placed him in the 2018 batter’s box to deliver a line drive up the middle that impacted the FUCKING PITCHING HAND of the Giants’ best player.



with pins.

MadBum won’t even get the pins out for 4-6 weeks before he can start rehab and throwing. Most sources indicate that he may not even pitch before the ALL STAR BREAK. He’s out at least 6-8 weeks.

Are you fucking kidding me?!

After all of the re-tooling, pressing up against the luxury tax, and thankfully, having a relatively injury-free spring, this happens?!

Oh yeah, the Giants and Dodgers play 10 times in the first 33 days (29 games) of the season. None of those games will feature the Shark or MadBum. Any, and I mean ANY hopes of the Giants beating the Dodgers this year are gone. I mean, Chris Stratton as their #2?!

Las Vegas had the over/under for wins at 81.5. I think Giants fans were hoping for 86+ for a wild card. I think that number just dropped by 10 wins.

So, unless even magic will rear a unicorn ass and pull something out of it that we just cannot imagine, I think the even-year magic is over. Perhaps Sabean sold their collective soul to the devil to win three championships (which, btw, I’m cool with). Maybe this is their penance for coming back from 2-0 and 3-1 deficits in the NLDC and NLCS. Maybe this is karmic payback for Pence’s triple-hit, or Blanco’s bunt that didn’t go foul, or maybe even MadBum’s god-like performance in game 7 in 2014.

These aren’t even age-related issues for Bumgarner. Or over-use. Motorbike accident. Freak line-drive. Both will cost him about a full season of pitching combined.

And two seasons of frustration for Giants fans.


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Episode 49: The Javier Lopez Episode

I’m not entirely sure why Javier Lopez is applying sunscreen in a SF Giants media photo shoot…but I can’t look away….

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Yeah, we missed a show, but they went 1-6 that week and would’ve had to have recorded the show on Zoloft. So, we skipped it. This week was a little better….

Oh, and by the way, Chad will be covering the A’s-Giants game on Thursday, 5/30 (12:45pm) from the press box, so be sure to tune in for sober tweets during the game.

Talking Points

  • Giants have been scuffling. Now in second place, 1 back of AZ
  • Last year, after 51 games, Giants were 27-24, 5.5 GB of LAD, 1 game back of what they are now: 28-23
  • Discuss my Uncle’s memorial game
  • Giants have gone 5-8 since our last show…

The Week in Review

  • Injuries: Broken pinkie for Vogelsong, out 6-8 weeks
  • Injuries: Casilla out with leg surgery to remove a cyst from his tibia. Expected to return after the ASG
  • Rosario sent down to AAA to make room for Kickham’s start tomorrow
  • Pagan’s inside the park homer walk off

The Big Question

  • Is Kickham the right choice to replace Vogelsong?

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Willie: @djp4cal: “Booing Posey is like booing America.”
  • Chad: ‏@williedills: “Memorial game for my uncle. Asked for it an he came through! #knbrfan @ AT&T Park http://instagram.com/p/Zygo6WpK-b/”
  • Ben: @Sfgiants (tweet from #AskBelt)

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Chad: Flannery: looked like he was going to score with Pagan
  • Willie: Buster Posey

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie: Whoever invented the A’s/Giants hat 
  • Chad: Alfonso Marquez

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad: Because AZ and COL can’t sustain this 
  • Willie: Our pitching can’t stay this bad. This is not reality


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