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Episode #112: The Final Stretch


Remember when the Giants backed into a wild card spot in 2014? What happened next? Just sayin’

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

The Giants went 5-9 since we recorded two weeks ago, just when we thought they were turning the corner. Those 9 losses included 3 in which they led going into the 9th, including vs. STL and LA. Not gonna lie. Those losses hurt, A LOT. And now, they’re having a direct impact on the Giants’ chances of making the playoffs, but here they sit, 1/2 game back of NY and 1 game up on STL.

Eric and Chad talk about the final six games of the year, and the keys to securing a wild card spot, now that LA has clinched the NL West.

Please enjoy, what will most likely be our last regular season podcast of 2016. Hopefully, we’ll have a playoff edition for episode 113. Disregard that 13 part of the number.

RIP Jose Fernandez

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Episode 80: Jerry Rice

You can download this episode here, or

Stream it below:

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2015-02-23T23_03_20-08_00.mp3]

Yes, Jerry is a 49er, but we covered him at the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach this month, so it sort of, by proxy, regionally counts to fit our jersey-number-title-thing that is dying. So, here’s a video of Jerry leading the group “Buster Hug” that we caught on film earlier this month.

The boys are back in Arizona! Timmy reunites with his dad, Pablo is still fat, Cain is throwing wild and free, Ben and Chad review their experience and interviews at Media Day, Bochy’s heart had a scare, Sheilds rejected a larger offer from the Giants, Moncada signed with Boston, and the first radio broadcast of a spring training game is next week, March 3.

Can’t you just smell the fresh cut grass through your media player of choice?

You can follow us on Twitter @TortureCast and like us on Facebook! All of our podcasts and video and audio San Francisco Giants player interviews can be found here or YouTube.com/TortureCast.

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Interviews with 8 SF Giants at Media Day

Today we were able to snag interviews with eight Giants at Media Day at AT&T Park, including Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, Matt Cain, Brandon Crawford, Travis Ishikawa, Joe Panik and Casey McGehee. Some of the players we had exclusive time with, others we shared questions with other reporters.

We’ll also be covering the Giants vs. 49ers charity shootout at Pebble Beach on Tuesday, 2/10!

All 8 interviews are below separately, the first one however, is the master playlist, and here is the playlist directly on YouTube.

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Episode 67: Doug Mirabelli +1 or Xavier Nady -1

No SF Giant has ever dared to wear this number for reasons we cannot reveal

Download the podcast here, or

stream it below:

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-08-18T23_39_55-07_00.mp3]

We knew this day would come. We finally hit a uniform number that has never graced the back of a single SF Giant.

We’ll think of it as Xavier Nady minus 1, or Doug Mirabelli plus 1. Not sure what we’ll do about 100+, if we ever get there.

Willie and Chad talk Giants baseball on this off-day that finds the Giants starting a six game road trip to Chicago and Washington, only 3.5 games back of the bums and with a hold on the second wild card spot. Hey, they were further back of the Padres at this point in 2010.  Of course, the Dougie was also a popular dance then, so….

We cover the recent series, Morse’s hot bat, Panik’s hustling pinkie, Matt Cain’s season-ending surgery, Belt’s troubling concussion (and Sanchez’s), Susac, Posey, Pablo, perplexing Timmy, the second base curse, Jimmy Rollins, and what kind of player would manifest with Yaseil Puig’s raw talent with Hunter Pence’s love and respect for the game.

Also, next week around 9 pm PDT, Monday, August 25, we’ll be having our first LIVE CALL IN SHOW and will be streaming it LIVE on YouTube.

Mark it on your calendar, and be sure to call us from your phone and we’ll be sure to patch you in, even if you think Michael Morse is a bust this year.

That number is 415-799-SFG1

Again, that number: 415-799-SFG1. 

Wait, I only need to repeat it on the podcast, not on this post…



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Bonusode 64.1: Giants are on a Skid


Hello everyone! Nothing to see here! The Giants are in first place! Don’t worry! Unicorns farting rainbows of denial!!

Click below to steam the podcast, or click here to download!

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-06-19T12_26_15-07_00.mp3]

The Giants are in first. There were also in first when we recorded this special bonusode with Ally and Jen almost a week ago after they lost the first of 3 in horrible fashion to those purple-clad lucky SOBs. The Giants are still in first place. Why do we all feel so bad? Because we’re Giants fans!!

…the Giants are still in first place, the Giants are still in first place, the Giants are still in first place……

Now, where did I put my oxycontin?


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Episode 64: Joe Martinez

No one would have remembered this guy if it weren’t for the line drive off his head. But, we’re running out of jersey numbers…

Press play below to listen to the podcast!


Download the podcast here

Joe Martinez. He pitched in a total of 21 games over 4 season, some of which were with the Giants. Yes, lament as we run out of jersey numbers but celebrate as we talk about the team with the BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL. That’s right, the Giants haven’t started off this good since 1962, before all of us were born.

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Episode 63: Jean Machi

Machi ain’t stinkin’ it up like last year.

Start streaming our latest episode, or download it here:

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-05-26T23_20_40-07_00.mp3]

In the first solo TortureCast, Chad attempts to substitute rum and coke and brevity for the lack of conversation. Hey, the Giants have the BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL, and we, er, Chad, needs to talk about it, as it may go south at any time. Also, Panda’s hot, Posey’s not, and MLB.com gives the Giants an 88.6% chance of making the postseason.

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Episode 58: 2014 Season Preview Bonanza


Photo from last night’s season preview recording at the Public House at AT&T Park. A big mixer and expensive microphones make us look semi-legit, while that is contrasted by the assortment of alcohol. From right to left: Ben, Chelena, Willie and Jen. Holding the camera: Chad

Click the arrow below to stream our season preview podcast! Or you can download it here.

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-03-31T01_29_28-07_00.mp3]

Happy Opening Day, Giants fans!

Join us on this inebriated special episode of the TortureCast!

Willie, Chad and Ben welcome @JenCosgriff (BaySportsNet.com) and @ChelenaGoldman (SFBay.ca) to our season preview podcast bonanza, recorded (we did it LIVE) at the Public House at AT&T Park. They probably wished they hadn’t agreed to come. And we saw Brian Wilson give up all the runs against the Padres as we recorded. And Willie is okay at pool.

The five of us predict how many games the Giants will win this year (Chad: 88, Jen: 90, Chelena: 90, Ben: 89, Willie: 89; note: Chad predicted 93 in 2012 when we recorded with GiantsPod.net…they won 94 and the World Series…just sayin’), our concerns about Scutaro, and we argue about why we should or shouldn’t overpay to resign Panda.

If you’re new to our site, stick around, we promise to be entertaining, at least we’re delusional enough to believe it. We’ll be attending quite a few games as members of the press, so heads-up for blurry photos of batting practice, tweets full of consternation and frustration that we cannot cheer or boo in the press box, and silence when we attend Bochy’s pre- and post-game press conferences.

Giants fans, let’s rejoice and exit the cold corners of shame that we allow hockey and basketball to satisfy our sports addiction, and enjoy this long and beautiful ride of another season of San Francisco Giants baseball!



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Episode 49: The Javier Lopez Episode

I’m not entirely sure why Javier Lopez is applying sunscreen in a SF Giants media photo shoot…but I can’t look away….

Click the player above to listen to the Episode!

Download the episode

Listen on iTunes

Listen on Stitcher!

Yeah, we missed a show, but they went 1-6 that week and would’ve had to have recorded the show on Zoloft. So, we skipped it. This week was a little better….

Oh, and by the way, Chad will be covering the A’s-Giants game on Thursday, 5/30 (12:45pm) from the press box, so be sure to tune in for sober tweets during the game.

Talking Points

  • Giants have been scuffling. Now in second place, 1 back of AZ
  • Last year, after 51 games, Giants were 27-24, 5.5 GB of LAD, 1 game back of what they are now: 28-23
  • Discuss my Uncle’s memorial game
  • Giants have gone 5-8 since our last show…

The Week in Review

  • Injuries: Broken pinkie for Vogelsong, out 6-8 weeks
  • Injuries: Casilla out with leg surgery to remove a cyst from his tibia. Expected to return after the ASG
  • Rosario sent down to AAA to make room for Kickham’s start tomorrow
  • Pagan’s inside the park homer walk off

The Big Question

  • Is Kickham the right choice to replace Vogelsong?

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Willie: @djp4cal: “Booing Posey is like booing America.”
  • Chad: ‏@williedills: “Memorial game for my uncle. Asked for it an he came through! #knbrfan @ AT&T Park http://instagram.com/p/Zygo6WpK-b/”
  • Ben: @Sfgiants (tweet from #AskBelt)

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Chad: Flannery: looked like he was going to score with Pagan
  • Willie: Buster Posey

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie: Whoever invented the A’s/Giants hat 
  • Chad: Alfonso Marquez

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad: Because AZ and COL can’t sustain this 
  • Willie: Our pitching can’t stay this bad. This is not reality


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

We also have a new TortureCast Mug for sale on Zazzle!

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Clayton Kersaw is Leading the Giants by 1 Game

I think Kershaw closed his eyes on this swing

So today didn’t go quite as we all would have liked, and no, it was not an April Fools’ joke. Take solace in the fact that Clayton Kershaw beat the Giants, with his masterful pitching, and of course, his first career MLB home run off of Kontos in the bottom of the eighth to break a scoreless tie. Entering today’s game, Kershaw owned a 1.37 career ERA versus the Giants, and obviously lowered it by pitching a complete game shutout today.

Who knows what would have happened if Bochy had brought in Affeldt in the 8th instead of sticking with Kontos (Affeldt was warming up in the 7th, and the Dodgers had 2 lefties to lead off the eighth). I bring this up because I saw some buzz on Twitter (clearly full of even-tempered Giants fans) already chastising Bochy’s first non-move of the season. Kontos was solid in the 7th, and hey, shit happens. Yeah, Kershaw ain’t Don Robinson, Matt Cain, or Babe Ruth with the lumber, but every dog has his day, even at the plate.

The bullpen effort was a bit of a comedy show in the eighth, with a wild pitch, a walk, a botched bunt coverage, a hit batsman, extra base hits, and of course, the Kershaw home run, all leading to 4 runs, but they’ll be fine. There’s always more focus on the results of the first day of the season. It’s like a new toy you unwrapped as a kid at Christmas. You love it, caress it, play the hell out of it for the first hour or two before it usually ends up lost or in the toy bin to only get a little attention from time-to-time.

I mean, both the Astros and Dodgers are in first place right now. That won’t last long, right?

How to comfort the black and orange faithful out there:

  • The first game of the season is the equivalent to the first 18 SECONDS of an NBA game
  • The D’backs swept the Giants to open the 2012 season (and look what happened)
  • The Giants lost their first game against the Dodgers in 2012 (9-1) and lost 2 of 3 in that first series (and look what happened)
  • Panda went 2-4 and played good defense today (elbow, elbow, elbow)
  • Posey cut down a speedy Crawford attempting to steal third
  • Pence hit one to the left field wall
  • Posey lined out hard to third base that would have set up second and third with one out
  • Despite a tough first inning (29 pitches), Matt Cain looked solid out there, delivering 6 innings of shut out ball
  • I nice stiff rum and coke (or three)

Let’s hope the G-men can get back on track tomorrow.


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