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2 out hits (with RISP)

Thanks, @2outhits

The Giants are hitting a paltry .232 with 2 outs.

However, when they have runners in scoring position, they’re hitting .299, best in the MLB. Not surprisingly, they also lead the MLB in SLG, OBP and OPS in that situation.

The Giants?

Yes, indeed, the 2 out, RISP matra is shattering the internetz and Twitter. The Giants’ ability to hit the ball with 2 outs and runners in scoring position has propelled them to the best record in all of Major League Baseball, and by a full 3 games, might we add.


More tidbits:

At this time last year, the Giants were 29-26 and 1.5 GB. That’s 7 GB of where they are now. Of course, the Dodgers were 6.5 GB and in last place

If MLB standing were one: SF with the best record:  Mil 3 GB Det 3.5 GB Oak 3.5 GB Tor 4.5 GB LAA 5 GB Atl 6.5 GB NYY 7 GB StL 7 GB LAD 7 GB Mia 7.5 GB Col 7.5 GB

Over the last 4 years, the #SFGiants haven’t had more than 29 wins entering June. They have 36 NOW. (29 in ’11and ’13, 27 in ’10 and ’12)

Last 4 seasons when #SFGiants got to 36 W: 2013: 6/18, 2012: 6/14, 2011: 6/10, 2010: 6/14

OPS w/2 outs and RISP is almost 100 points higher than second place! (0.874 vs Mia and Tex at 0.777)

More stats with runners in scoring position and 2 outs: #SFGiants lead MLB with .299 BA, .482 SLG, .874 OPS. .391 OBP.

The #SFGiants now lead MLB in batting average with 2 outs and runners in scoring position at .299. 2nd is Miami at .283.


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Episode 63: Jean Machi

Machi ain’t stinkin’ it up like last year.

Start streaming our latest episode, or download it here:


In the first solo TortureCast, Chad attempts to substitute rum and coke and brevity for the lack of conversation. Hey, the Giants have the BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL, and we, er, Chad, needs to talk about it, as it may go south at any time. Also, Panda’s hot, Posey’s not, and gives the Giants an 88.6% chance of making the postseason.

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Episode 62: Bob Howry

Seriously, does anyone remember Bob?

Yeah, I know, we’re running out of memorable Giants with our jersey numbers. We’ll have to switch to a different base value for these numbers, just to make sure you won’t throw knives at us.

Play the podcast below, or download it here:


Ben and Chad get together to talk about the team with the best record in the National League, at least for now. That’s right, your San Francisco Giants have exceeded many expectations thus far.

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Episode 61: Livan Hernandez

It was the best of times, it was the worst and worser of times….

Click play below to stream Episode 61, or download it here!


Willie and Chad talk about the great first quarter of the 2014 season, which finds the Giants in first place and somehow FOX sports ranks them as the best team in the MLB. We also discuss the Belt injury, entities we hate, and our new favorite guys.



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