Episode #90: Duffman

I wonder how many beers Duffy can actually chug after a game while holding Skeeter?

Download Episode 90 here, or stream it below!

The Giants went 4-2 for the week, which is something amazing considering they were under.500 at home. Despite a 12-13 June (ok, they can still be .500 with a win tonight), the Giants are only 1/2 game back of the Dodgers. Chad and Ben discuss the month of June, the All Star game voting, Duffy and more!

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Episode #89: The Almost Sweep

    Former Giant OF Darryl Hamilton

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The whole gang is back together to recap the week that was in the land of black and orange. Who’s out of the rotation when Peavy and Cain return? Is Crawford an All-Star? Is Pete Rose really that big of a douche? (answer: yes).

Ben was AT Citi Field for Heston’s no-hitter.   Jerk.

We also take a moment to remember former Giant Darryl “Hambone” Hamilton, who was tragically killed early this morning. Once a Giant, always a Giant.

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Episode #88: DubNation and #BeatLA

The Giants welcome the Warriors. Now, please give us some of that odd-year mojo!

Download the podcast here, or stream it below!

We had a power outage that prevented our last podcast, then acts of God that prevented our next scheduled podcast, but with the Giants entering Chavez Ravine, Chad decided it’s about time we talk Giants ball!


Chad catches up with the Giants “meaty” season, their road domination and underwhelming home performance. There’s also catching up to do with Heston’s no-no, the Giants’ visit to the White House, the draft, McGehee coming back, Scutaro re-signing, Scandoval, MLB canceling 60 million votes, and what in the hell do the Giants do when Cain and Peavy come back?!

Oh, and the Giants beat LA tonight 9-5 and are 1 1/2 games back.

Enjoy episode 88 of the TortureCast!

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Out of Left Field

Before I joined TortureCast in August 2011, I regularly contributed a segment on the show called, “Out of Left Field.” It was usually a short 60 seconds of me rambling on about some esoteric stat, streak, or oddity of the Giants’ season.

I’ve decided to resurrect it, and potentially in audio format once again. Because, who doesn’t like listening to themselves? Ok, I don’t, so here it is in digital print. At least most fonts aren’t embarrassing. Except for Comic Sans, of course.

  • The Giants finally broke their 9 game skid at home, which was the longest losing streak since 1940 at the Polo Grounds. I mean, that’s when gas was 18 cents a gallon and my grandmother was still in France about to hide from the Nazis.
  • Despite tonight’s 2-0 loss, MadBum pitched well and was perfect for 4 2/3 until a cleat-made divot caused a ball to bounce at Crawford’s insured face, necessitating the scorekeeper to laugh diabolically and mark it as a hit. Maybe that had a butterfly effect on the Giants’ offense. No, wait, no, that had about as much affect on their offense as I do screaming at the TV while I tear the wings off of a butterfly.
  • The Giants are 5-12 since their high-water mark of 30-20. After starting the season 4-10, that means the “meat” of the season sandwich was 26-10.
  • Giants are 8 GB of last year’s record after 67 games. In fact, they haven’t been worse at this point over the last 5 seasons: 2013: 0 GB, 2012: 2 GB, 2011: 3 GB, 2010: 2 GB
  • Marco Scutaro was symbolically re-signed by the Giants and immediately placed on the 60-day DL. He can now retire a Giant. And to think that I truly believed (last year) that he would certainly come back at some point to relive his glory days in 2012 and 2013. Sadly, he’s rehabbing his 2 fused vertebrae and hoping to “live a normal life, pain free” with his family. Egad. He might not ever play even beer league softball. I’ll stop my bitching about my injured wrist that prevents me from cleaning and jerking in my CrossFit sessions. And jerking.
  • Matt Cain and Jake Peavy are close to coming back into the rotation, but the Giants have stated that they will not go to a six man rotation, which begs the obvious, “who’s out?” I’d say take out Mike Murphy. There are no alternatives.
  • As of today, the Royals would have 8 starters in the All Star Game. If this holds, it’ll be the National League vs. the Royals, plus Mike Trout. I “kind of” want this to happen, if only to force MLB into changing this ridiculous ASG voting by the fans. Ok, well, Aoki is currently slated to start for the NL (being a former Royal), so maybe just this year…. In fact, wouldn’t it be something if Giants fans propelled 8 Giants starters to the final ballot? Man, the Royals could get their revenge…
  • Don’t look now, but Arizona is only two games back of the Giants. I thought Diamondbacks were not allowed to pray to their snake goddess.
  • Chris Heston was named NL player of the week. I wonder if anyone HASN’T been named that after a no-hitter. Glad someone else didn’t throw a perfect game that week, I suppose.
  • Maybe the Warriors can win every odd year championship.
  • Javier Lopez: 0.96 ERA, 0.64 WHIP. Dayum.
  • Giants are hitting .284 as a team on the road, which leads all MLB, 12 points higher than the next team. Can haz hitting at home? (.249)
  • Despite the last few downturns, they’re only 2.5 games back of the Bums. Could be worse. Let’s get back to that meat I mentioned earlier. Maybe it was grand salame?


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Duffy v Sandoval

Duffman rules so far....

Duffman rules so far….

Just some quick thoughts on the departure of Panda.

First of all, his replacement, Casey McGehee, isn’t even on the Giants roster, he’s in Sacramento, and yes, he may come back up, but the impetus for his demotion is one Matt Duffy.

So, Duffy isn’t exactly raking in the leaderboards, but let’s look at how he compares to Panda (Duffy v Sandoval):

AB: 137, 176 (Duffy has 39 fewer ABs, which is to be expected since McGehee had more ABs earlier)

AVG: .270, .239 (advantage: Duffy)

HR: 3, 5 ( (advantage: Panda, but he has more ABs)

RBI: 22, 17 (advantage: Duffy)

OBP: .313, .306 (advantage: Duffy)

SLG: .380, .352 (advantage: Duffy)

OPS: .692, .682 (advantage: Duffy)

Errors: 2, 7 (advantage: Duffy)

Fielding Pct: .972, .935 (advantage: Duffy)

Considering Pablo is making $17 million this year, and Duffy is making $509,000, I think this is a win-win so far for the Giants. Of course, Pablo doesn’t have a Skeeter, so can he really win?


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Episode 87: “a-MAY-zing”

Ryan Vogelsong helped steady the Giants rotation in May with a sub-2 ERA.

Download episode 87 here, or stream it below!

The Giants pulled off an incredible 21-9 record in May, despite losing the last 2 games of the month, and a heartbreaker at that. Ben, Eric and Chad discuss the Giants’ meteoric rise to 1st/2nd place, all star candidates, all the DFA’d Giants that have roosted in Sacramento, and as always, our new favorite guys, guys we should hate, and why we’ll win it all.


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Dills Stream of Conscience – Giants vs. Pirates June 1st, 2015

Joining me in the press box tonight is Jury, aka Justin Robert Young, of Night Attack and some #1 comedy albums available on iTunes. He is a Pirates fan and lost a bet to me last year in the wild card game. The loser had to wear a terrible women’s wrestling shirt on a podcast. We have still to settle up but for tonight we’re both acting as total professionals and not just fans.

What follows is a stream of conscience and observations that come during the ballgame. Go Giants!

  • As a couple of Hearthstone addicts, Justin and I have been playing a bit on our phones already. We share amany common interests; Hearthstone, Professional Wrestling and podcasting. Glad to have him here in the box with me tonight.
  • Vogelsong on the mound. He’s making life hard (in a good way) for Bochy and Sabean when the other starters come back from injury. He’s coming off of a 4-0 May with an ERA of 1.14. That’s dealing, folks.
  • As the game started they played the Edge’s theme music. I didn’t even notice and then Jury asked if they do that all the time. No clue.
  • Brandon knocks in 2 with a double in the first and the Giants are off and running. The whole thing is set up by Pence’s hustle which no SF fan will ever take for granted. The guy plays hard all the time and it does not go unnoticed around here.
  • Pagan and Pence with some very nice grabs in the outfield tonight. This unit doesn’t get a lot of credit for their defense but they really are solid at every spot right now.
  • It’s not May anymore. Vogey giving up 4 runs in a ballgame just feels weird as Walker knocks in 2 with a double to left-center.
  • Vogelsong hitting in the 5th means Bochy ants at least two more innings out ofhim. After the Braves 4 game split that makes a lot of sense. All the arms got used in that series.
  • The floating UFO isin the cove. In this ballpark there is always something to have fun with even in a losing game.
  • Cole has pitched an excellent game. Even though guys have gotten on he has maintained a lot of poise and is still under 100 pitches in the 7th. Giants go down quietly in the 7th and look a little lost at the plate.
  • Can you call one game a swoon? I mean we are now in June…
  • 8th inning a lazy fly ball drifts near the seats and a fan wearing a Pittsburgh Bonds jersey reaches out and gets in the way of the play. He is escorted out but the replay shows hat he never touched it. They go to replay and call Posey out. I can’t believe that the play is reviewable first of all or that a ball that the fan never even touched can be interference. TIL
  • And that does it. 3 losses in a row. After starting the homestand with 2 straight the Giants seem to have sputtered a bit. They’re having trouble closing out winnable games. Tomorrow Heston will be tasked with getting the boys of the shnide as he fces another tough starter in A.J Burnett. If the boys are gonna get a winning homestand they need this one.

New TortureCast posts tonight and we will post a special short bonusoode with Jury this week. Until next time, Go Giants!

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Press box Game Notes: May 28th 2015 v Atlanta Braves

When Chad covers the games he tends to give a full recap and a story of the game and what happened. I’m a bit different. Tonight I’m going to cover the things I notice as the game goes on in more of a “stream of consciousness” style. Of course, the experience from the press box is not the same as the one you will get from normal seats so hopefully I can give you a new perspective.

  • Arriving at the park is such a different feeling when the Giants are rolling and this team is rolling with a capital G. 11 of 13 and and 25-10 since April 21st. The best in the bigs over that time.
  • There was a good feeling at BP. Most guys were raking the ball and for such a small guy the loudest contact was coming off of Duffy’s bat. He has been very impressive since taking over every day at 3rd. His .343 avg is the 8th best in the majors in May.
  • Forgive the vertical shooting but I was Perscoping BP and caught the Brandons and Panik doing…well….whatever the hell this is: Some awesome new drill
  • There is no hole in tonight’s lineup for the G-men. Every hitter top to bottom is seeing the ball well which is great since the weather is cooling off quick and it will likely take a string of hits to score runs tonight. When Pagan is your 7th hitter you know things are going well. The only guy struggling is Belt but against a Righty he should be in the lineup.
  • The anthem was sung by a 1st grade class. No notes were hit but the “aww” factor was strong.
  • A.J. Pierzynski still receives boos from the fans here at AT&T park. Michael Morse may be the most beloved one-year Giant and A.J. is definitely the most hated.
  • It’s uncomfortable how long the camera stayed on the kid who yelled “play ball”. Although he didn’t seem to mind. Atta be, babe!
  • When Hunter comes out he always takes a moment to acknowledge the fans in the three areas around right. This man can do no wrong and will go down as an all-time fan favorite in this town.
  • Aoki has been great so far. I think from now on we should absorb someone from every team we beat in the World Series. Just as a rule.
  • I was just here the other weekend and I could have sworn Juan Uribe was, too. Oh well. I guess I’m just hallucinating. Wait. He’s a Brave now?!
  • A nice video package for the Warriors during the break. This may be the Bay Area’s golden age of sports. Make sure you appreciate it everyone.
  • Heston is making the Braves look like little leaguers tonight. Kid is dealing through three! Line: 4K 1H 3IP
  • Went to meet a friend who was here in the upper deck and she says she now hates Buster Posey because a friend of hers works in hositality and says he never tips. Cannot corraborate and only one source so I’m still a fan pending a full investigation.
  • Heston with a 2B in the 6th for his first career etra bagger. One of the reasons I hate the DH is it takes away the fun moments when a pitcher does something awesome at the plate. We’ll save this topic for the podcast itself.
  • Kiss Cam is always a joy. Tonight’s fun moment? Camera finds a guy actually in the act of applying chapstick. He goes in for the kiss but clearly he is in the friend zone and gets denied. Hilarious.
  • Belt leaves earth in the 7th and the goys take a 1-0 lead. He hit it much harder than it looked as not only is the weather tough but he went opposite fild as well. He was the coldest Giant coming in so this bodes well.
  • Even though he isn’t the closer anymore Romo still comes in to El Mechon and I love it. It still riles up the locals. Highlight, guy drunkenly doing finger guns to the latin jam.
  • This is a Thursday night in a 1-0 game and the crowd is seriously rocking. I love that we have embraced this style of baseball here in SF. I get the feeling most AL crowds would be bored to tears and missing all the good stuff a game like this provides. The atmosphere is almost like a playoff game.
  • Giants explode for 6 in the 8th on the strength of the magic wandu follwed by some gappers and line drives. The boys look impressive.
  • Final score 7-0. Heston gets the win with 7.1 IP 6K and only 5 baserunners allowed, HR by Belt and 2 RBI for Panik and Pence and the team hitting a blistering 6-11 with RISP. With the Dodgers off for the night that moves the Giants a half game out of first after a terrible start to the year. They are also now 14-3 over their last 17 games at home. This looks like the team that was the best in baseball for a good portion of 2014.. The key now will be health and the moves that they make, if any, at the All-Star break.

No bonusode tonight as I covered the action alone but we’ll be back Monday and hopefully the Giants will keep it rolling through the weekend.

-Willie Dills

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Eight is Enough

Please tell me you’re old enough to understand this reference!

Clearly we wanted nine or more, but the Giants had their longest winning streak in four years, winning eight in row. They hadn’t lost in more than a week, for God’s sake! That just can’t be sustained.

Through the last three wins in Cincinnati, the shutout sweep of the Dodgers and the first two torturous wins in Colorado, the Giants finally succumbed to normalization.

The streak brought some amazing stats, like almost 40 consecutive scoreless innings pitched, the longest homerun at Coors Field since 2004, and, well, no, Dinger didn’t impress us with anything, so nevermind.

The Giants have one more in Colorado tomorrow, but at least it’ll be a split before they leave for Milwaukee.

Oh, and by the way, the Giants have an absurd streak of 2 out RBI hits. But, it’s not even close to the record.

For those of you who were worried when they were 4-10, drink a few beers, sheesh.


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Episode 86: The Reverend is Back!

No matter what he looks like doing the things he does, we like the things he does, because it helps others do thing better, and stuff.

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

Hunter Pence is back. And not just on Twitch, but like hitting homeruns and throwing awkwardly from right field. Yes, all is right with the world.

Back when the Giants were 4-10, we didn’t panic. We said let’s wait until they have played 40 games, and if they’re at .500 and Hunter is back, they’ll be fine. Welp, they’re 20-18 now, so guaranteed to be at .500 after 40, and Hunter IS back, and had a huge hand in the last two wins, going 4-8 with a homerun and scoring five runs. The Giants have the best record in the NL since their bad start at 16-8, and have a great stretch of games coming to balloon that record.

Join Chad and Eric as they discuss the Giants’ recent success as they delve deep into numbers, including Casilla’s immaculate inning, only the 79th in recorded history. Belt is hitting .321 and shutting up his haters, Pagan’s back is acting up, and Bochy names coaches for the All Star Game. Plus, Jeff Loria named his cat as manager of the Marlins.

Enjoy episode 86 of the TortureCast!

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