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Episode 76: One. More. Win.

Buster Posey congratulates Madison Bumgarner after another magical performance: a complete game shutout in a 5-0 victory over the KC Royals that have put the Giants up 3-2 in the World Series and on the precipice of a dynasty. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-10-28T00_30_54-07_00.mp3]

One. More. Win.

And the San Francisco Giants will be World Champions for the third time in five seasons.

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to talk about our favorite team, potentially on the eve of the clincher as the Giants head back to Kansas City up three games to two. If not tomorrow, then perhaps game 7. Even if they don’t win it all, this has been a hell of a ride.

Listen to episode 76 as Willie, Ben, Chad, and lucky charm guest Eric break down the first five games of the World Series and look forward to a hopeful clincher in either game 6 or 7.

These moments, right now, are why we do this show.

The TortureCast, the podcast by and for fans of the San Francisco Giants.

Good luck, and let’s bring it home, boys!

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Episode 72: National League Division Series

Giants tried to sweep the Nats today, but ended their 10-game postseason winning streak with the loss. Alas, SF still leads the series 2-1.

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[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-10-06T22_20_44-07_00.mp3]

Since we last recorded, the Giants beat the Pirates in the Wild Card game and took a 2-0 lead in the NLDS against Washington. However, as the Giants looked to sweep the Nats with MadBum on the bump today, it didn’t work out, and the Giants move onto Game 4 with a 2-1 lead and Vogey on the mound. Chad drives this podcast solo to talk about how the Giants are playing with house money, and how they might clinch this series before the dreaded game 5 possibility in Washington. Because, no one wants that.

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Mr. Bumgarner Goes to Washington

Brandon Crawford watches his grand slam sail over the right field fence in the 4th inning of the Giants’ 8-0 rout of the Pirates in the NL Wild Card game. (via Justin K. Aller of Getty Images)

The thing about parenthood and modern technology, is that we now have an obligation to put our children first before a Giants playoff game. Clearly parents didn’t do so before the age of the DVR. If I transport myself back to 1989 as a parent, I’m sure I could tell my wife that I couldn’t take our daughter to play rehearsal and our son to the park for some quality outside time because the Giants are playing the Cubs in the NLCS. When she responds, “just record it on the VCR,” I’d cooly respond with, “we only have our wedding tape here…no blanks!” Problem solved.

Well, not so much tonight. Despite the pit of despair that was wallowing in my soul at work as first pitch drew near, I did have fatherly duties to attend to, and my sidekick DVR could just suck up all the inning into its digital innards for viewing later. Of course, this meant that I had to cut myself off from the digital world and disable my MLB At Bat notifications as I ventured out into the natural environment and avoid eye contact from any other parent who might tell me the score.

Mission: success!

So, I finally tuned into the game 90 minutes after first pitch, and although I didn’t get to enjoy Crawford’s grand slam live, it was live to me. Plus, I got to skip any annoying Viagra and insurance commercials to boot. Oh, and I also muted the TV because I couldn’t stand the Kruk (Jon, that is) and company. I watched baseball alone and in complete silence. Wait, is that a scene from “The Fan?”

Alas, I was overjoyed with the progress of the game, and eventually caught up to live when it was 7-0. I listened to Posey’s RBI single in the car as I picked up my daughter, and we both enjoyed a live viewing of the final 3 outs at home before putting the kids to bed.

The moral of the story: have your wife’s homemade shredded chicken tacos before you watch a DVR’d Giants game.

Oh, I forgot to mention that. They were epic, and may now become my rally enchiladas. With Cholula and crema, of course.

As far as the baseball game was concerned, Bumgarner was incredible. Willie, Ben and myself all predicted Giants wins, but with different shades of orange. I predicted a tight 4-3 nailbiter, Ben an extra-inning win, and Willie just about Nostradamus’d it: a 3-hit shout out by Bum. Well, it was a 4-hit shutout.

Aside from Bum’s dominant performance, and maybe it wouldn’t have mattered IF the Giants had faced Cole, but I think that was the key to the Pirates’ chances in this game. I can’t (can) blame Hurdle for using Cole on Sunday, with a chance to win the NL Central, but the Cards had Wainright going later against lowly Arizona, a low probability of the Cards losing that game.

Giants benefited from the NL Central race, IMHO. If the Giants had the same chance to with the West, we might have seen Bum go on Sunday instead of tonight.

And perhaps the result would have been different in that alternate universe.

That’s 8 consecutive playoff victories and 7 consecutive elimination game victories for the Giants. At some point those streaks have to end…


Or, just perhaps, this even-year-thing has some teeth.

Let’s hope they can earn a split in Washington and close it out at AT&T Park on Tuesday, but that’ll be a tall order against the best starting rotation in the bigs.

Oh, is Hunter Pence the man?



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Episode 71: PLAYOFFS!

We want to see many more of these images in the playoffs.

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[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-09-29T22_56_41-07_00.mp3]

What does 2014 have in common with 2010 and 2012? The San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs, of course! Let’s hope the pattern extends itself to a third title. The boys break down the Giants’ wild card chances against the Pittsburgh Pirates for an hour, which is about the same amount of time you’ll be either watching commercials and relieving your bladder during wild card game on Wednesday.

We gloat over our expert prognostication of Giants wins back in March (we picked 89, 89, 88, and the Giants had 88), pick our team MVPs, and give our cliche “3 keys” for a Giants victory against the Buccos. Let’s hope this is the start of a new chapter in Giants’ lore. Who will deliver the next triple-double, stand in the rain, bust out a thong, deliver the clutch HR, or throw a strike that freezes a dominant hitter to clinch a series? We’ll find out if that road indeed lies ahead, Giants fans. Buckle up!

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Bonusode 64.1: Giants are on a Skid


Hello everyone! Nothing to see here! The Giants are in first place! Don’t worry! Unicorns farting rainbows of denial!!

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[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-06-19T12_26_15-07_00.mp3]

The Giants are in first. There were also in first when we recorded this special bonusode with Ally and Jen almost a week ago after they lost the first of 3 in horrible fashion to those purple-clad lucky SOBs. The Giants are still in first place. Why do we all feel so bad? Because we’re Giants fans!!

…the Giants are still in first place, the Giants are still in first place, the Giants are still in first place……

Now, where did I put my oxycontin?


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Episode 63: Jean Machi

Machi ain’t stinkin’ it up like last year.

Start streaming our latest episode, or download it here:

[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-05-26T23_20_40-07_00.mp3]

In the first solo TortureCast, Chad attempts to substitute rum and coke and brevity for the lack of conversation. Hey, the Giants have the BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL, and we, er, Chad, needs to talk about it, as it may go south at any time. Also, Panda’s hot, Posey’s not, and MLB.com gives the Giants an 88.6% chance of making the postseason.

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Episode 57 – Jonathan Sanchez

Did this guy really throw a no-hitter for the Giants?!


[audio http://torturecast.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-03-18T00_20_45-07_00.mp3]

Willie couldn’t make it tonight, so we brought in Jen Cosgriff to talk about her 6 days in Arizona for spring training. We talk about the 27 inning scoreless streak by Giants starters, then freak out about the pummeling of Sergio Romo and aforementioned starters. We can’t wait until the Dodgers melt down from their Australia series!



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Episode #52: The Ramon Ramirez Episode

We had no one else to name this episode for

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Willie is out but Chad and Ben discuss the All Star Game, Timmy’s No-No and the second half of the season.

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The Padres Are Not Like Anne Hathaway


Let me explain.

Remember that horrible movie from 2001, “Princess Diaries?” Yeah, the Padres are just discovering that they are some long-lost royal blood line and just needed a little make up, hair, and braces removed to be noticed.

Well, they have my attention.

They are sitting just a half game back of the Giants, and two games behind the first-place Diamondbacks, whom they just swept. This is not a typo. I thought my iPhone was crapping out on me, so I referred to my desktop. Same standings. I triple-checked that it wasn’t 2010. Yep.

An alternate title to this post was, “The Padres are Like Your Ugly Ex-Girlfriend From High School,” but I thought it was a little harsh for a tag line. Therefore, you can send me your hate mail now, but of course, you’ve had to have read this far, so  hell, I just thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so. We haven’t seen the Padres over .500 since 2010 when the Giants were battling them down to last day of the season to seal that fateful ride to their first San Francisco World Series Championship. So, we forgot about them. Dumped them after the season since we had our shiny new rings and Tiffany-made trophy. The Padres became an afterthought, left to their single life of living with their parents and getting on and off Weight Watchers about as often as Pablo Sandoval fractures small bones in his appendages. But alas, they have pulled off the transformation, without the 90 second movie-montage.

Wait, I’m comparing the Padres to a woman?

Back on track for a moment. The Giants blew a golden opportunity on Saturday, but two walks and an error in the 9th tend to lose ballgames for you. That win would have secured a winning road trip, and what a tough road trip it was. Instead, they played flat yesterday, and couldn’t pick up Lincecum and is technically-qualifying “quality start.” With the starting pitching woes this year, the offense has been their saving grace, and we’ve mentioned it many times before, but there’s only so long the Giants can overachieve with their run production while their number 1, 2 and 3 batters are all out. Pagan might require surgery, and Marco just may “tough it out” and live with a deformed finger, and Panda, well, he…never mind. Let’s just say he has a “slim” lead in NL All-Star voting and leave it at that. Although they hit .315 on the last roadie, that level cannot be sustained. The pitching will have to return, and let’s hope Zito can extend his home dominance (4-1, 1.94) tonight against the Friars.

Otherwise, the Giants will be looking at three teams above them.


PS – All three of us will be in the press box during tonight’s game versus the Padres, so expect the twitter account (@Torturecast) to blow up. At least one of us will be at the pre-game Bochy press conference. Any questions you’d like to ask him? Send them our way!

PPS – Giants are 2-0 when we’re in the press box

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May 30: A’s vs Giants – Pre-game Notes

I’m sitting here in the press box at AT&T thinking about what the Giants can do to end this extended 2 week funk. They’ve had moments of brilliance  including taking 2 of 3 each from the Rockies and Nationals, plenty of walk-offs for the season, and the bullpen has been solid. 

However, the offense is starting to peter out a bit, and their starting rotation has the fewest quality starts in the National League at 21, tied with San Diego. This is unbecoming of this staff, and I keep hearing that the pitching will eventually come around, but the season is 1/3 over. This is a significant sample size, and there are signs that Cain is coming out of his funk, but Lincecum is right back to where he was at the end of last year with an ERA over 5. Zito is looking human again (starting today, btw), Vogelsong has been demolished before his pinkie suffered the same fate, and his replacement is still a mystery. Only Bumgarner has been performing to last year’s standards, and even then, he’s looked very human lately.

The road record is also a huge concern. Even though they won the division by 8 games last year, their road record was 46-35. That’s only 2 games behind their home record last year. Back to the present, only their home record is keeping them barely above .500 overall, and their road record is an abysmal 9-15.

So, here they sit, about to play game 4 of the Bay Bridge Series, with ex-Athletic, Barry Zito standing between a demoralizing sweep by their cross-bay rivals. Let’s hope he can find some of that Zen today to have at least a quality start and give the Giants a fighting chance to cut off the A’s fans broom tops and stop them talking about 1989.

Oh, and by the way to those A’s fans, if your team does sweep the Giants. Kudos to your team; they are hot right now, and the Giants are stumbling. I suppose the Giants’ players can sob at their locker after the game and wipe away their tears with both World Series rings.

As far as today, please tune into twitter.com/torturecast for my stream of baseball thoughts throughout the day, and feel free to tweet back any questions, comments, or insults you have. I can take them all day with my free caffeine source.

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