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Episode 50: Scott Garrelts y Jose Mijares


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The Week in Review

  • 2-5 since our last recording (lost 3/4 to A’s, lost 2/3 to STL)
  • Somehow they’re still in 2nd place, only 2 GB of AZ
  • After 57 games in 2012: 32-25 (2 Games ahead of where they are now), and 4 GB of LAD
  • Our first game of 2013 in the press box on Thu vs. A’s. Hey, Giants are 2-0 with TC in the box!

Talking Points

  • Once again, horrible starting pitching, only Gaudin and Zito saved the day

The Big Question

“Extra Baggs: The Giants would turn Lincecum into a late-inning reliever “in a
heartbeat,” according to one club source, if they had another starting
pitcher in the system ready to take his place in the rotation.

How would he feel about that?
“I’m always open. It’s just, right now I don’t want to be open to
it,” said Lincecum, adding he is committed to remaining a starter for
the rest of this season. “I’m sure if my career takes that turn, I’m
definitely open to changes, especially if it’s beneficial to the team
I’m playing for.””


Armchair Manager

  • Do you keep Gaudin in the rotation?
  • How do you set up the coming weeks?
  • More rest for starters or skip the 5th spot when possible.
  • Skip Lincecum in AZ?

On Deck

  • Quick 2 games at home vs. Toronto, then a 9 game road trip through AZ, Pit and ATL, all winning teams
  • June is going to be rough: 18 of 27 games are on the road

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Willie: @TortureCast: I’ll keep on this juice fast as long as Lincecum remains a starter. #mightlose30pounds
  • Chad: ‏Tom Tolbert – ‏@byronjr23: Halos 6 outs from being swept by the Astros..It would be a 4 game sweep no less..Fun fact: Astros payroll 17 mill..Hamilton salary 17.5 mill”

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Chad: Chad Gaudin
  • Willie: Bengie Molina

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie: Every Cardinals player
  • Chad: Yadier Molina

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad: We won’t if the starters don’t shape up
  • Willie: Yeah, I’m not feeling it right now

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Episode 36: The Gaylord Perry Episode

Cheater cheater, PED – eater!

Melky, why? Why did you do that? What the crap dude? We’re super mad and we tell you why.

Chad and Willie almost cry over spilled Melk. As Giants fans, we feel betrayed and lied to, and much of the Giants organization feels the same way. It’s not just that he took PEDs, it’s that him and his camp tried to cover it up with a ridiculous fake supplement website plot. WTF WERE YOU THINKING MELKY!! At least the Giants had time to cancel 20,000 t-shirts with his likeness on it.

Chances are that we’ll never see him in black and orange again (well, except maybe the Orioles), even if the Giants make the postseason.

The Week In Review

  • Giants are 4-1 without Melky, suck on that
  • MadBum’s wicked start in LA
  • Scutaro is hitting .330 with SF, 18 RBI in 91 ABs

The Big Question

  • Bochy: “It’s time for Lincecum to be Lincecum”

Armchair Manager

Who should the Giants play in LF? Blanco v righties, Christian v lefties? Reported today that Theriot is taking practice in LF. Belt with Posey at first and Sanchez at C? Xavier Nady? Should they go after anyone? (Francoeur, Cody Ross, Scott Hairston, Rick Ankiel, Burrell?) How may September callups affect this?

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • ‏@TheFakeESPN: Melky realizes he should have just presented YouPorn instead of fake website as cause of boosted testosterone.
  • ‏@DodgersGM: Juan Uribe’s PEDs didn’t work because he bought them off MelkyCabrera’s fake website.
  • @CSNBaggs: Bochy asked Theriot how he felt after working out in LF: “He said, ‘I’m fine The only thing I’m having trouble with is fly balls.'”

We Should Hate This Guy


Why We Will Win It All

  • The Giants somehow make the playoffs, Melky juices while he’s suspended and comes back and carries them to the WS title…or not…
  • This whole Melky thing actually galvanizes the locker room.  The Giants love to feel like underdogs and now they really do.

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Spoiled Melk

This news doesn’t taste good (from gotbrainy.com)

The Melk has spoiled.

In a magical season for Melky Cabrera, a career year, All Star game MVP, the adoration of Melkmen and Melkmaids, and one that has helped propel the Giants to the top of the division, the team and the public were notified today that he tested positive for testosterone, a banned substance.

Not that it matters much, but Melky immediately admitted he took a substance “he knew he shouldn’t have,” and apologized to the team and the fans. It’s certainly better than other players that have denied use of PEDs, attributing their positive test to a supplement, or even worse, a delayed FedEx delivery (looking at you, Braun). Personally, it’s not much of a reprieve of the blow the Giants will take, and their chances of pushing towards the playoffs. Fifty games is fifty games, no matter if you deny it or accept responsibility. There is no additional punishment for denial.

The Commissioner’s office has also confirmed that he will be eligible after 4 games into the postseason, should the Giants make it. So, if they do make the divisional round, he could see action in games 6 & 7 and afterwards, or potentially 5-7 if they have a one game wild card playoff.

Although this news cracked the wires less than an hour ago, there’s already twitter chatter about how this will affect his contract next year. Many stating that obviously he made a mistake not negotiating a contract with the Giants earlier in the year, which is predicated upon the fact that his monster year will garner up to or over $15 million per year on the open market. Sorry to say, Melky, that number was at least cut in half, in my opinion. It’s not only because of your new record of testing positive, but now there will obviously be questions about how the testosterone improved your performance. Assuming he’s off of it next year, how will his numbers change? Will he be a .350 hitter with 15 bombs? Since this is a career year for him, and it happens to be during a time he was taking PEDs, I would say, probably not.

That doubt will now linger in the minds of the Giants front office, the other 29 clubs, and especially Giants fans, much like when you gamble with a carton of milk that’s a few days past its expiration date with the “sniff” test.

Chad King

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Episode 32: The Ryan Vogelsong Episode

“The Color of Willie”

Willie was recreating his vision of “The Color of Money” at a local SF pool hall and brought his jubilant intoxicating personality onto Episode 32 of “The TortureCast.”

We talk World Series 2010 rematch with the Rangers and 2 shutouts, Lincecum’s woes (and their amazing record without him), Panda’s return, “The Riot” is on fire, Vogelsong is da man, and overall the Giants are actually in a pretty good place. Listen to the decline in Willie’s attitude and rants about Lincecum and rude fans, he cares about the children, really, listen to it, it’s worth it.

  • Overall, Giants have played well since we last recorded, own 4th best NL record (34-27), 5 GB of LA, hold 2nd wildcard
  • Had won or tied 9 consecutive series until today
  • First shutout of season vs Rangers, one of last three teams w/o shutout this season

The Week In Review

  • Giants are 2-11 when Lincecum starts, including 8 losses in a row. ERA up to 6.00; is he finished? Do they need to skip a start or two? Do they need to install bongs in the dugout? Can’t stay away from the BIG inning. Has given up 3+ ER in one inning in 8/13 starts now.
  • Melky’s hamstring. Misses Rangers series and they’re shut out for the first time this season…twice!
  • Panda’s return and his wandering penis; SF went 21-14 w/o him.

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • “Actually, a title from a blog post from McCovey Chronicles today, “”Source: Tim Lincecum Is Not Having a Good Season””

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Vogelstrong: dude is money, showing no signs of back issues; 2nd in NL ERA at 2.26.
  • Theriot: please give us a 2B man
  • Blanco: Like Pavlovic says…he just MAKES THINGS HAPPEN
  • Honorable Mention: Stony Brook Seawolves

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Josh Hamilton
  • All star game PR people
  • Craig Gentry

Why We Will Win It All

  • If Lincecum doesn’t pitch anymore (they are 32-16 when he doesn’t pitch, .667 best in MLB)
  • Vogelsong, Zito, Cain, Bumgarner

Also, catch up on a Lincecum article Chad wrote earlier this week.


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SF Giants 3-4-5 Hitters by Batting Stance Guy

This video was brought to our attention by @10032Martin. Thanks!

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Episode 31: The Robb Nen Episode

It’s a holiday podcast! Chad and Ben talk a lot of Lincecum, and a little Bumgarner, and start getting a little nervous…but then talk Melky, Posey, and Pagan and everything seems a little better. Who do we love this week? Who do we hate? How many awkward things is Ben going to say after having to work on a national holiday? Tune in to find out!

Ben’s appearance on the Curse of Benitez COBcast
Giants stats from the 5-hole and 2-hole
Great blog post from Carl Steward about Bonds, Belt, and Giants hitters

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