Episode 50: Scott Garrelts y Jose Mijares


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The Week in Review

  • 2-5 since our last recording (lost 3/4 to A’s, lost 2/3 to STL)
  • Somehow they’re still in 2nd place, only 2 GB of AZ
  • After 57 games in 2012: 32-25 (2 Games ahead of where they are now), and 4 GB of LAD
  • Our first game of 2013 in the press box on Thu vs. A’s. Hey, Giants are 2-0 with TC in the box!

Talking Points

  • Once again, horrible starting pitching, only Gaudin and Zito saved the day

The Big Question

“Extra Baggs: The Giants would turn Lincecum into a late-inning reliever “in a
heartbeat,” according to one club source, if they had another starting
pitcher in the system ready to take his place in the rotation.

How would he feel about that?
“I’m always open. It’s just, right now I don’t want to be open to
it,” said Lincecum, adding he is committed to remaining a starter for
the rest of this season. “I’m sure if my career takes that turn, I’m
definitely open to changes, especially if it’s beneficial to the team
I’m playing for.””


Armchair Manager

  • Do you keep Gaudin in the rotation?
  • How do you set up the coming weeks?
  • More rest for starters or skip the 5th spot when possible.
  • Skip Lincecum in AZ?

On Deck

  • Quick 2 games at home vs. Toronto, then a 9 game road trip through AZ, Pit and ATL, all winning teams
  • June is going to be rough: 18 of 27 games are on the road

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Willie: @TortureCast: I’ll keep on this juice fast as long as Lincecum remains a starter. #mightlose30pounds
  • Chad: ‏Tom Tolbert – ‏@byronjr23: Halos 6 outs from being swept by the Astros..It would be a 4 game sweep no less..Fun fact: Astros payroll 17 mill..Hamilton salary 17.5 mill”

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Chad: Chad Gaudin
  • Willie: Bengie Molina

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie: Every Cardinals player
  • Chad: Yadier Molina

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad: We won’t if the starters don’t shape up
  • Willie: Yeah, I’m not feeling it right now

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