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Episode #203: HeartBreak After Heartbreak

Shades of 2002: David Fletcher #22 congratulates Tommy La Stella #9 of the Los Angeles Angels after his game winning two-run homerun during the ninth inning of a game against the San Francisco Giants. Photo: Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

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Somehow the baseball season is still pushing forward, despite the Cardinals are now the “infected” team. In fact, although the Giants have played 16 games, which is more than a quarter of the way through the season, the Cards have only played 5 games….FIVE.

Willie Dills joined Chad this week to talk about what may be the most depressing week in regular season TortureCast history. Not only did the Giants drop 7 of 8, but they blew three consecutive save opportunities. The first was the worst: a 5-run lead in the 9th (first time since 1929 a lead this big was blown in the 9th), the next night it was a 3-run 9th inning lead, and last night it was a walk off 2-run HR by the Angels. All 3 were blown by Trevor Gott, who is officially out as closer. However, the defense helped put Gott in the situations in 2 of the 3 blown saves. Adding salt to the wound in between was a 15-3 blowout loss to the A’s. Sitting dead last in the NL West at 8-16, the Giants’ playoff hopes have dwindled to a microscopic level.

BTW, where’s Joey Bart?



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Episode 36: The Gaylord Perry Episode

Cheater cheater, PED – eater!

Melky, why? Why did you do that? What the crap dude? We’re super mad and we tell you why.

Chad and Willie almost cry over spilled Melk. As Giants fans, we feel betrayed and lied to, and much of the Giants organization feels the same way. It’s not just that he took PEDs, it’s that him and his camp tried to cover it up with a ridiculous fake supplement website plot. WTF WERE YOU THINKING MELKY!! At least the Giants had time to cancel 20,000 t-shirts with his likeness on it.

Chances are that we’ll never see him in black and orange again (well, except maybe the Orioles), even if the Giants make the postseason.

The Week In Review

  • Giants are 4-1 without Melky, suck on that
  • MadBum’s wicked start in LA
  • Scutaro is hitting .330 with SF, 18 RBI in 91 ABs

The Big Question

  • Bochy: “It’s time for Lincecum to be Lincecum”

Armchair Manager

Who should the Giants play in LF? Blanco v righties, Christian v lefties? Reported today that Theriot is taking practice in LF. Belt with Posey at first and Sanchez at C? Xavier Nady? Should they go after anyone? (Francoeur, Cody Ross, Scott Hairston, Rick Ankiel, Burrell?) How may September callups affect this?

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • ‏@TheFakeESPN: Melky realizes he should have just presented YouPorn instead of fake website as cause of boosted testosterone.
  • ‏@DodgersGM: Juan Uribe’s PEDs didn’t work because he bought them off MelkyCabrera’s fake website.
  • @CSNBaggs: Bochy asked Theriot how he felt after working out in LF: “He said, ‘I’m fine The only thing I’m having trouble with is fly balls.'”

We Should Hate This Guy


Why We Will Win It All

  • The Giants somehow make the playoffs, Melky juices while he’s suspended and comes back and carries them to the WS title…or not…
  • This whole Melky thing actually galvanizes the locker room.  The Giants love to feel like underdogs and now they really do.

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