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Kale Power

Pence should try and squeeze every dime he can out of the Giants, wouldn’t you?

We all know Hunter Pence is ridiculously hot. Well, the ladies may also think he’s “hot,” but of course I’m referring to his unbelievable production at the plate in the second half, specifically over the last two weeks. He absolutely crushed the Dodgers, hitting 5 home runs in the 4 game series. He’s also hit 6 in his last 6 games and 7 in his last 10, in which he’s also hitting .450 with 20 RBI…and that includes two games where he went 0-4! About the only thing he hasn’t done is somehow gain the ability of flight to catch that Chavez sinking liner that would have preserved Petit’s perfect game.

He’s hitting .421/9/25 for September, and .352/11/44 after the All-Star break, lifting his average to in impressive .295/25/92. Just a few weeks ago it seemed impossible that Pence could reach .300/25/100, but it’s absolutely within his grasp now (heck even 30 HRs), and although it’s been great for the Giants on the field, I wonder how it will affect their pocketbook.

It’s widely reported that Pence loves SF and wants to re-sign, but an extension wasn’t in the works before the trading deadline, and there was speculation that he might be traded. After his elation as the deadline passed, Giants fans took to Twitter to push for such a deal.

A few days ago, Pence himself confirmed that he’s talking with the Giants, telling Hank Schulman that there have been “conversations.” While this is encouraging, what does his recent hot streak do to his market value? No doubt it’s gone up, and if he hits those magical numbers in his slash line, Pence may cost quite a bit more than his assumed $13-14 million per year. He’d be an idiot, though, to NOT test the market, no matter how much I personally want him to resign. Why wouldn’t you? You don’t know what you’re worth until you have offers, and I assume that’s what his agent is pressing him to do. Other than the rare outlier who takes a hometown discount (Jared Weaver), most players want validation, if not the money. Even if his ultimate goal is to stay in SF, he can use other offers as leverage to force Sabean and co. to throw a few more simoleons, if not years into the deal.

Sabean and Baer have repeatedly acknowledged that they need a left fielder with a stick, but they would suddenly need two such outfielders should they let the market consume Pence. If these conversations progress, the Giants will have until five days after the conclusion of the World Series to lock him up, otherwise, he’ll find out what he’s truly worth.


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Episode 43: The Dave Dravecky Episode

This dude is inspirational and will forever be a Giant

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We welcome in the new year with our first TortureCast of 2013. Unfortunately, Ben couldn’t make tonight’s recording, but Willie and Chad discussed the recent deals to avoid arbitration for Posey, Pence, Blanco, Arias, and Mijares. We also bitch about the BBWAA and the injustice of not a single player being voted into the Hall of Fame, as well as pimping FanFest on Feb 9, the excitement of pitchers and catchers reporting on Feb 12, a banana in an unfortunate hole, and we dream about the possibility of Bruce Bochy driving Jim Harbaugh down Market Street with another championship trophy for THE City.

Talking Points

  • Buster Posey ($8m) and Hunter Pence ($13.8m) sign one year deals to avoid arbitration
  • Giants control Posey through 2016 and will probably seek a long-term deal sometime this year
  • Other Giants that signed one year deals to avoid arbitration: Arias ($925k), Blanco ($1.35m), Jose Mijares ($1.8m)
  • Only arbitration-eligible player left is Romo, who filed for $4.5 million and the Giants countered with $2.675 million
  • BBWAA chose not to vote in Bonds and Clemens, in fact, NO ONE made it in

Coming Up

  • FanFest is Feb 9 at AT&T Park
  • We will be interviewing the Giants “Social Media Consigliere,” Bryan Srabian this Saturday to talk to him about his job and FanFest!
  • Pitchers and catchers report Feb 12!

Tweet At Me, Bruh









  • SFG10032: @TortureCast – Turns out Hunter Pence is a pretty hardcore Blizzard gamer. Pretty cool. http://t.co/ZZK9rsab

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie and Chad dish out serious hate for the BBWAA who “made a stand” against the PED users. It’s an F-ing game, and you are not holier than any of these athletes that you help to create. Baseball ignored the issue, you voted them as MVP and Cy Youngs, STFU.

Why We Will Win It All

  • Willie – Wrapping up the last big pieces from last year and didn’t fall in love with guys who won’t help, Sabean is making all the right moves and there’s no reason to think he won’t make the right moves at the trade deadline either.

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Episode 42: The Jackie Robinson/Hot Stove Episode

it burns…like a Brian Wilson non-tender

We shake off the World Series hangover with an episode to review the Giants’ moves in the offseason thus far, and we even challenged ourselves with listening to our season preview episode that we recorded at The Public House (at AT&T Park) with Thomas and Danny from Two Guys, a Glove and a Coke Bottle.

Talking Points

  • Scu-Scu-Scutaro signs 3 yrs/$20 – We all like this one, even if he sucks at age 40
  • Pagan signs 4 yrs/$40m – Thank the baseball gods that he signed one day before Victorino signed with Boston for 3/$39m!
  • Affeldt signs 3y/$18m – Quality signing, he likes the stability of the Giants
  • Pence will be signed, probably for $13-$14m in arbitration, Giants not seeking long term contract, though
  • Torres is Back! 1 yr, $2m
  • Blanco is arbitration eligible, probably won’t cost that much
  • Sabean and Bochy contracts extended through 2014
  • Dodgers with the largest payroll in MLB history at $225m
  • Melky gets 2/$16m from Blue Jays who are loading up for a run at it

The BIG Question

  • What will happen with Brian Wilson? We all concur that the Giants had to make the business decision that they did, and that frankly, Wilson is being a whiny douche if he’s hurt by their non-tender. He doesn’t deserve $7 million for a year after his second Tommy John. In fact, he earned $8.5 million last year for two appearances before he went on the shelf. Suck it up, sign an incentive-laden contract with the Giants and we’ll all move along as a happy family.

Revisiting our 2012 Pre-Season Predictions with GiantsPod (4/1/12 @ Public House)

  • Chad put out an over/under of 92.5 wins for the Giants and EVERYONE LAUGHED AT HIM
  • The group reset the over/under to 87.5 wins, and everyone took the over, except the self-titled “realist” Thomas
  • Chad also put the over/under for games Freddy Sanchez plays at 100 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • What does Crawford have to hit to be worth it?we all said .230, he hit .248 and played dazzling D down the stretch, I say he surpassed expectation
  • Thomas says Blanco will not be on the roster by the All Star break
  • Hamate bone was a freak injury – thomas
  • Danny says now that steroids are over…
  • Danny says top offensive player won’t be Posey or Pablo
  • How high would we go for Cain extension? The highest we said was 125 over 5, he got 127 for 6 with an option for 7 that could bring it to 141
  • Willie wanted to win a WS and defend with the exact same team. Well, he’s pretty much getting his wish
  • Why will the Giants win it all? (asked in April, 2012)
    • Willie predicted that the Giants would win it all because they weren’t going to have a freak injury
    • Ben – rotation getting better
    • Michael (from The Grubby Glove) – Dbacks won’t come together, Bumgarner steps up big time, says division winner
    • Chad – dumb luck!!! hahhaha
    • Danny – second wild card
    • Thomas – “we won’t, I’m a realist”

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Bryan Murphy @Every6thDay: Obviously, the Giants will have to raise ticket prices significantly to afford Andres Torres, but that’s what happens w/ a break-even team.”
  • “Miss Erin ‏@Love4PatTheBat: Brian Patrick Wilson, you quit your pouting and come back to those who love you and tolerate your insanity! @BrianWilson38 #SFGiants”

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Chad – Brian Sabean for signing Pagan a day before Victorino signed with the Red Sox
  • Willie – Duane Kuiper for his joke during the parade, asking Affeldt to take a swing after he called a homer for Pablo and say Swing and a miss!

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie – Magic Johnson, go muck up basketball if you’re gonna get all ridiculous in a sport, although basketball is pretty screwed up already

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad – They’ve brought the gang back (mostly)

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