Episode 43: The Dave Dravecky Episode

This dude is inspirational and will forever be a Giant

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We welcome in the new year with our first TortureCast of 2013. Unfortunately, Ben couldn’t make tonight’s recording, but Willie and Chad discussed the recent deals to avoid arbitration for Posey, Pence, Blanco, Arias, and Mijares. We also bitch about the BBWAA and the injustice of not a single player being voted into the Hall of Fame, as well as pimping FanFest on Feb 9, the excitement of pitchers and catchers reporting on Feb 12, a banana in an unfortunate hole, and we dream about the possibility of Bruce Bochy driving Jim Harbaugh down Market Street with another championship trophy for THE City.

Talking Points

  • Buster Posey ($8m) and Hunter Pence ($13.8m) sign one year deals to avoid arbitration
  • Giants control Posey through 2016 and will probably seek a long-term deal sometime this year
  • Other Giants that signed one year deals to avoid arbitration: Arias ($925k), Blanco ($1.35m), Jose Mijares ($1.8m)
  • Only arbitration-eligible player left is Romo, who filed for $4.5 million and the Giants countered with $2.675 million
  • BBWAA chose not to vote in Bonds and Clemens, in fact, NO ONE made it in

Coming Up

  • FanFest is Feb 9 at AT&T Park
  • We will be interviewing the Giants “Social Media Consigliere,” Bryan Srabian this Saturday to talk to him about his job and FanFest!
  • Pitchers and catchers report Feb 12!

Tweet At Me, Bruh









  • SFG10032: @TortureCast – Turns out Hunter Pence is a pretty hardcore Blizzard gamer. Pretty cool. http://t.co/ZZK9rsab

We Should Hate This Guy

  • Willie and Chad dish out serious hate for the BBWAA who “made a stand” against the PED users. It’s an F-ing game, and you are not holier than any of these athletes that you help to create. Baseball ignored the issue, you voted them as MVP and Cy Youngs, STFU.

Why We Will Win It All

  • Willie – Wrapping up the last big pieces from last year and didn’t fall in love with guys who won’t help, Sabean is making all the right moves and there’s no reason to think he won’t make the right moves at the trade deadline either.

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