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2020 San Francisco Giants: The Outfielders

Mike Yastrzemski of the San Francisco Giants

Mike Yastrzemski of the San Francisco Giants (Norm Hall/Getty Images)

The San Francisco Giants have run through a ton of outfield combinations over the years. Especially since the departure of Barry Bonds, but that’s kind of ancient history by now. Can you believe he’s been retired for 13 years? Watching him hit dingers still feels like yesterday, but it’s so long ago.

*Shakes head back in forth to snap myself back into 2020 after daydreaming about Bonds home runs*

So, the 2020 Giants outfield. Once again, it’s going to look a little different than it did to start last season. Just like it looked different the year before that, the year before that, and on and on. Continue reading

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Episode #152: Apparently the Giants Have Given Up


The Giants traded away Andrew McCutchen to the Yankees for a couple of prospects. We’re gonna miss Cutch, but hey, he has a chance to get a ring now. Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

Let’s face it. The Giants were already out of the playoff race, but they are cementing that destiny by losing 5 in a row. They are a season-high 5 games under .500 and 10 games back of the Rockies. The only silver lining about getting swept in Colorado is that it kept the Dodgers from taking first place. Eric and Chad discuss the last 9 games and where the Giants go from here.

They called up their prospects, Aramis Garcia and Chris Shaw did get their first big league hits and homeruns, Steven Duggar went under the knife to end his season, Posey is on target after his surgery, the Giants traded away Andrew McCutchen for Yankees prospects, and D Rod continues to show his dominance in this league. By the way, the Giants are in danger of having their first back-to-back losing seasons in 10 years. Ick.

We also talk about the MLB playoff picture and more in episode 152 of the TortureCast, the podcast by and for fans of the San Francisco Giants.



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Wild Predictions For SF Giants Spring Training



Photo: @SFGiants Twitter

Every year, crazy things happen in spring training. Guys you’ve never heard of suddenly become home run monsters. Pitchers on the fringe somehow dominate. It’s a world of possibility, and any sort of craziness can happen.

Do you remember Mark Minicozzi? No? Neither do I. I had to ask a friend what his name was. He’s the guy who hit 5 home runs in Cactus League play in March of 2014. Remember now? Ya. I don’t either. And I was in Scottsdale that year.

That’s the point. Spring training stats don’t matter. Teams aren’t watching results. They search for players who have the swing to fit their ball club. Or are willing to take pitches when it’s called for and not just go up there hacking trying to prove their worth. Continue reading

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