Episode #209: So Close

Giants’ Austin Slater takes a look at the very last pitch of the 2020 season. It was somehow called a strike, along with at least a dozen more like it. This pitch is a microcosm of the last week of the season that saw the Giants fall flat on their face, losing 3 in a row, 4 of 5 to miss the playoffs by a tiebreaker with the Brewers.

You can download the episode here, or stream it below (video a bit more down)!

One game. One hit. One play. Essentially, if the Giants had one fewer mistake or one more rally over this entire 60 game season, they would be in the postseason. Yes, they exceeded expectations, but this is a bit painful to see them lose 3 in a row to close out 2020.

Chad, Eric and Willie give the eulogy for the 2020 Giants’ season. They were as close as you could get to not only getting into the playoffs, but having a chance to knock off the Dodgers as well. Instead, that honor will go to the 29-31 Milwaukee Brewers, who had the tiebreaker (intradivisional record) over the Giants by one game. The NL West is far superior to the central, but the central will see four of their teams in the playoffs, a record, of course.

Yes, there were mistakes…many mistakes that cost the Giants ultimately. Namely, in the last week, they lost their last three games and four of five. That’s not playoff-caliber baseball. They blew a 2-run save on Friday night against the Padres, blew numerous chances with the bases loaded on Thursday against the Rockies, and committed a crucial error that led to three unearned runs in the finale that they only lost by a single run. Then, umpire Rob Drake didn’t help things by taking away four ABs in the final two innings from the Giants with some horrendous strike calls. Poor Austin Slater!

We choose our Giants’ MVPs, talk a little about the future, make our first round playoff picks, and essentially, had a group therapy session. If you need some therapy after the way this season ended, we’re here for you. Take a seat on the couch and let 100 minutes of Giants’ therapy wash over you.

Video of episode #209 will be posted later down below

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