Episode #206: Giants are Exactly Average

Giants’ outfield Alex Dickerson had a performance for the ages earlier this week, with 3 homeruns, 2 doubles and 7 RBI in a 23-5 whooping of the Rockies in Colorado. He set the franchise record for extra base hits in a game. Photo: Associated Press

You can download the episode here, or stream it below (video a bit more down)!

The Giants hit .500 after a 4-2 week and now sit at 21-21, with zero run differential, so right in the middle, baby! But, in 2020, that’s good enough to get you in the playoffs! The Giants currently hold the 7th seed, virtually tied with the Marlins and just ahead of the Rockies. There are several other teams in contention, of course.

Chad and Eric discuss a good week in Giants’ baseball. From a record 23 run murder of the Rockies to familiar face of Madison Bumgarner returning to the Oracle Park bump, there was a lot to talk about. Just 18 games left in the season, and the Giants control their own destiny.

Video of episode #206 below:

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