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Episode 110: Giants are the Worst


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After a failed recording (no, seriously, we did a WHOLE podcast and forgot to hit the record button last week!), and serious schedule challenges, we finally got 3 out of 4 of us to record episode 110 of the TortureCast! Of course, we last recorded when the Giants were up by 6.5, but now they are trailing by a full game to the Dodgers.

We talk at length about what went wrong, how bad every facet of the game has been, but also about how unlucky it has been to lose as many games as they have due to poorly timed hitting, pitching and blown saves.

Matt Moore for Duffy and Will Smith. Are these trades worth it? Is this Carlos Beltran or Jeff Kent? Truth is, we won’t know for a while, but there is plenty of the season left for these trades to pan out in a favorable way.

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Post-game Bonusode 53.2 – @2outhits and Company

“Save me, bat boy!!”

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Excuse the fact that this post is up a few days after we actually recorded, but we think it’s worth the wait. Wille, Ben and Chad were joined once again by Jen Cosgriff and Ally Williams, and also special guest Eric Nathanson (@2outhits), whom had just attended his very first home Giants game…and he couldn’t even cheer, because he was in the press box with us to witness the Giants beat the Pirates 6-3 on Saturday night.

We talk game highlights, ball dude fail, Brett Pill’s attempted murder, Buster hugs, actual 2 out hits, post game presser, and order shots, beers, and Zeke’s “rally” sloppy joes; and we laugh a lot.




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