Episode #192: There are no Sports


Oracle Park may be empty for the entire 2020 season.

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

It’s April 8, 2020. Just six weeks ago, we thought we’d be talking about the first week of the regular season by now. Instead, we are without baseball, and without sports worldwide. I found myself watching old Giants games on YouTube as an exercise in remembering what it’s like.

Eric and I chat about how we’re doing during this crisis, but we dive into plans that are being floated that may, just may enable MLB to start the season in June with play across 10+ stadiums and adhering to a strict isolation and testing policy. We’re not so sure this is a feasible plan, but any baseball is better than no baseball! Eric also asked me and the general audience what are your top five Giants-related personalities you would like to be isolated with?

Tune in to find out what we thought! The corona virus has changed our world for now, and although sports and baseball aren’t of the utmost importance, it does bring balance and a little meaning to our lives. We miss it.

Oh, and STAY THE F&%( AT HOME!



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