Episode #189: The Reverend is Back


Hunter Pence was a hit at Giants FanFest, just a couple of days after signing back with San Francisco. Photo by SF Chronicle

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

Pence is back, along with the Panda. Pretty soon we might see Barry Zito as the batboy. For all the analytical signings that Farhan zips out, he signed two fan favorites. We talk about all of the signings, FanFest, media day, Giants players adjusting to life without Bumgarner…and ALERT, PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT TOMORROW! What a sweet sentence that is.

Alas, we know there is some overlap with Giants and 49ers fans. However, if you don’t like the 49ers or don’t care about football, fast forward this episode about 20 minutes, as Eric and I get into the mess that was the Super Bowl. And…with new software we’re still trying to dial in the audio levels, thanks for your patience!

Also, Eric is writing all week. Be sure to check out his work right here at http://www.torturecast.com.



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4 responses to “Episode #189: The Reverend is Back

  1. YAS! The Reverend is exactly what we need and I can’t think of anything better that could happen for this team right now! 😀

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