Episode #174: Dress Like Panda, Hit Like Panda


The Giants playfully dressed as Pablo Sandoval before their flight to Philadelphia. If this doesn’t speak to team chemistry, nothing else will.

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

The Giants keep surprising everyone. 4-2 this week with all 4 wins by one run, and 2 were extra inning. Two games were single-handedly won by Pablo Sandoval, as he hit two game winning homeruns this week. As a part-time player, he leads the team with 13 bombs. They are 26-10 in one run games and 11-2 in extra inning games. They keep pushing the narrative that this team can win, and will win close games. It’s torture. It’s classic Giants baseball, and Bruce Bochy thrives managing this team.

Eric and Chad talk about the last week in Giants’ baseball and the impending trade deadline that is less than 24 hours away as this is typed. Most likely, they Giants will NOT be trading away Bum and Smith, and in fact, may be adding small pieces. Although this could hurt their long-term prospects, we agree that Zaidi has proven that he can adapt to a changing team and will be able to cope with a lack of trade return. And the reality is…the players don’t care about what this team will look like in 2-3 years. Most of them won’t be on the team then. They care about now. This is Bochy’s last season. Although their playoff chances are predicted between 7-12%, that is irrelevant to the clubhouse. They believe, and that’s all that matters. It’ll be an interesting concluding two months of the season.

On a somber note, I (Chad) live in Gilroy, and we opened this show discussing the tragic events that transpired at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on Sunday. Although my family didn’t attend that fateful day, plenty of my friends and their kids did, serving in the volunteer capacity at various food booths and such. Literally dozens of my friends and the friends of my 13 year old daughter had to run from goddam bullets, saw people shot, one was grazed by a bullet. It’s left an indelible mark on my town of Gilroy, but we will persevere

. Please consider donating to various funds, including the GoFundMe page for the 6 year old boy that was senselessly gunned down. Donate blood at the Red Cross. Do what you can to help our little town recover. It’s been a rough 36 hours, but it was important to me to record a show today.




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