Episode #164: The Comeback Kids


Buster Posey hits a 3 run homerun against the Reds. This was a game-tying homerun in the 6th. Brando Crawford won the game in the 9th.

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

The Giants could have had a much worse week if it weren’t for the fact that they came back from 8 runs and 4 runs down in two games in Cincinnati. They took 2 of 3 against the Dodgers and split 4 in Cincy. The Giants lead the league with a 9-2 record in one run games…that’s good but not good considering their lack of ability to put teams away.

Their win after an 8 run deficit is the 5th time they’ve done that in Giants history and the first time in 30 years. They followed that up with a 4 run deficit win against the Reds, and that is a miracle of its own. We celebrate Eric’s 40th birthday and Willie Mays’ 88th birthday in episode 164.




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