Episode 48: The Pablo Sandoval Episode

Panda Pinkomonium

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Hey, the Giants are in first, the Dodgers in last. What else is there to be happy about?!

Talking Points

  • Giants have second best record in NL, in first place, Dodgers in last, took 3/4 from 1st place Braves
  • Giants rotation getting better, but still 12th in NL for starters (4.25 ERA)
  • Zito (3-1, 2.75 ERA) and Bumgarner (4-1, 2.18 ERA) have remained mostly issue-free, but Lincecum (3-2, 4.07 ERA) hasn’t achieved true consistency and Vogelsong (1-3, 7.78 ERA) has one quality start in seven appearances.
  • Cain won his first two May starts, yielding three runs over 15 1/3 innings. That’s a 1.76 ERA.

The Week in Review

  • Lost 2/3 vs Philly, won 3/4 from ATL
  • Giants now have the BEST BA in the NL at .266, 3rd in runs, 3rd in RBI

The Big Question

  • Can Lincecum perform like this again? 7 innings, 0 runs, 2 hits. Vintage.
  • Giants ASG dark horse, go!

Armchair Manager

  • Should Gaudin move up in depth? 21 IP, 1.27 ERA, 21K, 15H, .195 BAA

Tweet At Me, Bruh

  • Willie: kyleconaway: Hey @Williedills, I love you and all, but your #Giants can go straight to hell. #GoBraves #TomahawkChop4Life
  • Chad: “Thomas Todd ‏@HammerheadT @chadk21 @williedills @friedduck @TortureCast Damn, why didn’t we think of that?” That’s right, we’re on YOUTUBE!

Our New Favorite Guy

  • Panda and his pink fingernails and homeruns
  • Scutaro finding his groove again

We Should Hate This Guy

Why We Will Win It All

  • Chad: Giants will make a deadline deal to solidify their rotation if Vogey doesn’t come around
  • We have bullets in the chamber besides who we have right now. If we need a move to solidify, wherever that may be, it will happen

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