Taste Test of New Food at Oracle Park

“Orlando’s Chimichanga” is a new selection at Oracle Park…I gave it a 4 out of 5.

As we enter our 13th Giants’ season as the longest-running podcast about the Giants, I’ve covered many games, interviewed many players, even gave Matt Cain a tour of Monterey Bay Aquarium. However, I’ve never made it up to the media open house, where not only do you get to sit through an hour of campaign messaging (worth it), but the treat at the end is an hour of essentially a buffet of the new food offerings around Oracle Park for the upcoming season. I know. It was tough.

I did a little taste test for most of the new food in the video below. Some of it was fantastic, some of it was meh. I still splurged at the end and got a traditional hot dog and ice cream cone to wash everything down. And I had been so good on the calorie front.

I’d say the best new foods were the grilled cheese (shockingly amazing), Orlando’s Chimichanga and the new “Churrwaffle,” which embodies the dream of a churro and waffle having a baby in your mouth. Well, not making it IN your mouth…you get my drift.

At the end of the day, as a fan, if I’m close to a Derby Grill (which you are always close to one), and I’m hungry, and I don’t want to miss much of the action, I’m probably opting for a good ‘ole hotdog and soda instead of walking to the other side of the park to lay down 20 bucks for a slightly better food offering. Now, if someone were to get it for me, that’s another story…

We’ll be streaming our season preview live on Monday, March 27 around 1pm PDT over on Facebook. The episode will be available wherever you get your podcasts.

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