Episode #200:

June 12, 2011 was episode #1. July 28, 2020 is episode #200. We celebrate the fact that we’re this stubborn to continue a podcast about one major league baseball team over nine years.

You can download the episode here, or stream it below!

We broadcast this milestone episode live. Check out the full video above!


Willie Dills Gregory and his two friends started this podcast on June 12, 2011. Nine years later, we’ve finally reached episode 200. However, that’s with the caveat that if you add all of the bonusodes, season previews and interviews, it’s really recording number 258. That said, it’s something to celebrate, especially as we recorded during the Giants’ home opener (which they sadly lost 5-3 to SD).

Chad, Eric and founder Willie Dills wax poetically over 90 minutes about the Marlins’ COVID outbreak, the expanded playoffs, and the first series the Giants split against the Dodgers. This episode, and all going forward, was streamed on Facebook Live.

Check out our ugly mugs as we get through this episode! Hopefully baseball sticks around long enough to make it to the playoffs. Thanks for coming along for the ride!






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2 responses to “Episode #200:

  1. I’m a relatively late comer to Torturecast…I don’t do podcasts, but I discovered it on YouTube about three years ago, and instantly loved it. It was also interesting hearing how the show began. (“East coast bias” is bad enough; I live in So Cal, where the Giants are reported with Dodgers and Angels bias!) And to think it opened with “Journey”, just one of the manifold great bands to come from San Francisco. (I’ll assume “Metallica” was already taken by another show). Greatly appreciate what you do and congratulate you on your 200th show. Here we go Giants!

    • Thanks so much for the kind review! We are trying to get better about posting to YouTube, but with more of our shows going live on Facebook, we have an easier time making that happen. Ep 204 will be up shortly!

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