Almost Episode 100


As many of you know we’re getting ready to record our 100th episode of TortureCast. Late Sunday night, from all corners of the country, we will join forces to bring you episode 100. Wait, you didn’t know? Where the heck have you been? WE’RE ABOUT TO RECORD OUR 100TH EPISODE!

It’s kind of a big deal. I mean, who thought we’d be here? We’re just one little show that was started by fans of the San Francisco Giants. Now, we’ve been doing this show for so long, the team actually lets us in the clubhouse. It’s a reality that was once a dream for every one of us on the show. We’re still not sure how we got here.

So, why should you care that it’s our 100th episode? Well, here’s your chance to be a part of the show. Is there a question about the Giants that you’ve always wanted to ask the guys? Fire away in the comments below. Feel free to ask anything from our favorite all time players to our most memorable moment as Giants fans. In other words, keep it in bounds and we’ll probably get your question on air.

Thanks so much for supporting us through the first 100 episodes, we hope we’re all here for 100 more. Subscribe on Stitcher or iTunes.

If you’d like to submit questions on social media please follow us on Twitter or give us a like on Facebook.

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