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Bonusode 93.1: Giants 8, Nationals 5 (8.14.15)

Crawford and Harper sharing hairdo “best practices.” (Photo: Chad King)

Download the episode here, or stream it below!

After Willie and Chad covered game 2 of the Nationals-Giants series, they were joined by regular guest Jen Cosgriff and new guest JuanPedro Huerta at Zeke’s for a boisterous bonusode. We discuss the game, Jen’s complete destruction of California teams during her midwest trip, the “Full Clubhouse” parody and more while we pound back a few adult beverages.

Be sure to check out Chad’s interview with Hunter Strickland before the game!

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Interview with Hunter Strickland

His locker mate is Jeremy Affeldt, and HE HAD NOT YET SEEN THE “FULL CLUBHOUSE” PARODY! (photo: mlb.com)

Download the interview here, or stream it below!

Chad visited the Giants clubhouse and interviewed reliever Hunter Strickland before the Giants beat the Nationals 8-5. Hunter discusses his lack of love for an automated strike zone, the confidence it takes to pitch in the majors, touts the camaraderie of the clubhouse, and being a southern boy, his favorite food is fried chicken, because of course you should know that. Be sure to check out Bonusode 93.1 that was recorded after the game at Zeke’s!

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