Dills Stream of Consciousness – Giants vs. Pirates June 1st, 2015

Joining me in the press box tonight is Jury, aka Justin Robert Young, of Night Attack and some #1 comedy albums available on iTunes. He is a Pirates fan and lost a bet to me last year in the wild card game. The loser had to wear a terrible women’s wrestling shirt on a podcast. We have still to settle up but for tonight we’re both acting as total professionals and not just fans.

What follows is a stream of conscience and observations that come during the ballgame. Go Giants!

  • As a couple of Hearthstone addicts, Justin and I have been playing a bit on our phones already. We share amany common interests; Hearthstone, Professional Wrestling and podcasting. Glad to have him here in the box with me tonight.
  • Vogelsong on the mound. He’s making life hard (in a good way) for Bochy and Sabean when the other starters come back from injury. He’s coming off of a 4-0 May with an ERA of 1.14. That’s dealing, folks.
  • As the game started they played the Edge’s theme music. I didn’t even notice and then Jury asked if they do that all the time. No clue.
  • Brandon knocks in 2 with a double in the first and the Giants are off and running. The whole thing is set up by Pence’s hustle which no SF fan will ever take for granted. The guy plays hard all the time and it does not go unnoticed around here.
  • Pagan and Pence with some very nice grabs in the outfield tonight. This unit doesn’t get a lot of credit for their defense but they really are solid at every spot right now.
  • It’s not May anymore. Vogey giving up 4 runs in a ballgame just feels weird as Walker knocks in 2 with a double to left-center.
  • Vogelsong hitting in the 5th means Bochy ants at least two more innings out ofhim. After the Braves 4 game split that makes a lot of sense. All the arms got used in that series.
  • The floating UFO isin the cove. In this ballpark there is always something to have fun with even in a losing game.
  • Cole has pitched an excellent game. Even though guys have gotten on he has maintained a lot of poise and is still under 100 pitches in the 7th. Giants go down quietly in the 7th and look a little lost at the plate.
  • Can you call one game a swoon? I mean we are now in June…
  • 8th inning a lazy fly ball drifts near the seats and a fan wearing a Pittsburgh Bonds jersey reaches out and gets in the way of the play. He is escorted out but the replay shows hat he never touched it. They go to replay and call Posey out. I can’t believe that the play is reviewable first of all or that a ball that the fan never even touched can be interference. TIL
  • And that does it. 3 losses in a row. After starting the homestand with 2 straight the Giants seem to have sputtered a bit. They’re having trouble closing out winnable games. Tomorrow Heston will be tasked with getting the boys of the shnide as he fces another tough starter in A.J Burnett. If the boys are gonna get a winning homestand they need this one.

New TortureCast posts tonight and we will post a special short bonusoode with Jury this week. Until next time, Go Giants!

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