Episode #60: Wilson Delgado

He’s actually younger than me.

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Given the fact that the Giants scored only 3 runs in the first two games of the series in Colorado, I’d want to check the teams’ prostates. Apparently, they’re all in good health, at least, that’s what they want to publish on the internet. Because, cancer afflicting multimillionaire owners is bad pub. Right? #60 is a hard number to fulfill. Yet, the internet reveals such Giants as Wilson Delgado. I love reminiscing. However, the Giants finished their road trip at 2-4. Pathetic. But, if it weren’t for the Giants’ 6 homeruns on Wednesday, they might be sitting under .500. Alas, the Wilson Delgado fan club still exists within the confines of 1998. Internet broadband isn’t strong enough to deny access to the fountain.

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