How Much Are Lincecum Bobbleheads Going For?

photo by: Lenny Ignelzi

Here at TortureCast, we’ve heard some early rumblings about Tim Lincecum’s ineffectiveness in spring training this year, and concerns that he’s lost his zip, or his slot, or that “je ne sais quoi.” I know most of you probably aren’t putting your Lincecum bobbleheads on eBay, but for those of you worried about his potential decline, let the numbers put you at ease.

This is his sixth spring training, and he has never had an ERA below 4.00. His overall career ERA in 89.2 innings of spring training is a whopping 5.02. From 2007 through this year, his ERA: 6.43, 4.50, 4.03, 6.94, 4.37, and 6.75 (of course it’s only 8 IP in 2012 so far). His last outing vs Kansas City was stellar, with 1 hit allowed in 4 IP. The numbers also don’t reveal what he’s doing from a mechanical standpoint. He’s only been using his fastball and changeup so far, and just trying to get his mechanics down. Tenured players like him, especially pitchers, as John Kruk said earlier this week, “are always working on stuff,” much to the chagrin of the position players. Many position players acknowledge that spring training is really for the pitchers and then of course, the players on the bubble.

Lincecum is not on the bobble, er, I mean, bubble, of course. He’s just going through the motions, and he’ll be fine.


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