Episode 21: “Just Google ’21 National League Championships’ “

Chad likes the number 21.  Willie does too, and wants you to Google the reason.

We run the gamut, starting from Willie Mays and talking Willie Mays, Will Clark, Pat Burrell, Matt Cain, Bengie Molina, Aaron Rowand, Brandon McCarthy, Ryan Braun, Mike Cameron, and (gasp) the A’s.

Oh, and there’s gotta be some Spring Training notes in there somewhere.

Some of the articles referenced this week:

Ryan Theriot’s relationship with Will Clark
Pat Burrell’s future with the Giants
Cain wants a fair offer
Bengie Molina’s surprise retirement party
Rowand speaks in Miami
Regarding the Ryan Braun decision, Ben can’t seem to locate the appropriate article and is annoyed at himself.  Provided instead is an excellent piece by SBN’s Wendy Thurm (@hangingsliders): Why Ensuring A Proper Chain of Custody Matters
Additionally: “I’d hesitate to call chain of custody a technicality”
(Update: Found it, piece by Chad Moriyama — What You Don’t Know About Braun’s Case Is Important)
Regarding another argument, that the chain of custody should not have affected an untampered sample: Endocrine expert weighs in
Regarding the reaction to the Braun decision and the notion that “not guilty” and “proclaiming yourself innocent” aren’t the same thing: “Pee Brain”, by Emily Bazelon at Slate.
No more soapboxing for us — back to Giants baseball!

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