Episode 13: “Why We Will Win It All…Next Year”

After an unintentional hiatus, the guys finally make it back…to find that the Giants are finally out.  It’s time to look back on some memorable moments from the season and some notable performances turned in by our boys in orange and black — and don’t forget some views from Out of Left Field, thanks to Chad King!


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2 responses to “Episode 13: “Why We Will Win It All…Next Year”

  1. Willie! I was at the SAME Orioles game that you discussed on this podcast! How cool is that! Here’s my write up, if any Giants friend wants to take a brief detour:


    With Kindest Regards,
    AKA: Grubby Glove

    • friedduckling

      Michael, that’s awesome! Funny how you seem to keep crossing paths with us — we’ll have to do it intentionally sometime soon!

      As for the previously mentioned kibbutzing, we’ve been cutting down the length of the podcast of late for just the same reason (last weekend being a little bit of an exception) but it’s nice to feel justified in doing so. Thanks for sharing that article!


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